Helen Hall

Helen Hall is a Montreal-based composer who explores an intuitive understanding of music as energy in her varied works for voices, instruments, electroacoustics, dance, theatre and film. Her music is inspired by natural, acoustic phenomena such as the rhythm of breathing (Circuits), the harmonics and interference patterns of multiple saxophones (Fluvial), and the natural frequencies of the earth’s magnetic field (Infinity Maps).Her work has been performed and broadcast in North America and Europe, and has been featured on CBC’s Two New Hours, Radio-Canada’s Musique ActuelleLe Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, New York’s Bang On a CanSonic Disturbance Festival of Sound in Ohio and the Subtropic Music Festival in Florida.In recent years her work has become more research-based, and she has been extending her music into film.  Powerlines, her first film, is a documentary about the mystery of electromagnetic fields, which began as a musical score based on the sound waves of artificial electromagnetic radiation.  Pictures of Infinity, her second film, is a feature documentary about Nikola Tesla’s unique understanding of nature and its inherent connection to acoustic principles of energy. Recent  projects include a piece for solo voice that explores a theme of silence, and music for solo and pre-recorded violins.

For more information, please visit helenhall.net